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本文摘要:Companies are quickly introducing an array of smart home appliances that let you use your smartphone to open your blinds or turn off your lights, and, yes, tweet from your fridge. (Thank you Samsung.)各公司正在很快地发售一系列智能家庭设备,可以让你用智能手机关上百叶窗或关灯,或是利用你的电冰箱放微博。

Companies are quickly introducing an array of smart home appliances that let you use your smartphone to open your blinds or turn off your lights, and, yes, tweet from your fridge. (Thank you Samsung.)各公司正在很快地发售一系列智能家庭设备,可以让你用智能手机关上百叶窗或关灯,或是利用你的电冰箱放微博。【感激三星(Samsung)吧。

】At Fortune, we waded through the piles of gadgets and gizmos, comparing user reviews and product descriptions, to list seven of the most useful smart home devices on the market. We skipped over some popular products like locks (you can open and close them with your smartphone) and light bulbs (you can turn them on or off or dim them with your phone), because we couldn’t find anything hitting the sweet spot in combining automation with simplicity. Here’s what did make our wish list.《财富》(Fortune)杂志细心研究了一堆新产品,对比了用户的评论和产品描述,所列了7款市面上最差用的智能家居设备。我们跳过了一些风行产品,比如锁具(可以用智能手机掌控电源)和灯泡(可以用智能手机电源或调节其亮度),因为我们没在其中看见将自动化和简练融合于一体的亮点。

以下的产品显然是我们很想要享有的。Home Surveillance: Canary ($249)家庭监控:Canary(249美元)A consumer survey by research firm IHS found that most desired smarthome device is is something that detects intruders. The second is for a device that detect hazards like fires, water leaks, and carbon monoxide. Start-up Canary kills two birds with one machine by packaging an HD video camera, microphone, motion detector, and a temperature and humidity sensor into a sleek cylinder. When the machine, also called Canary, senses something out of the ordinary happening when you’re away from home, you get an alert with video footage and options for responding. Canary, also automatically changes its settings when you get home so the motion detector doesn’t go off when you want some late night milk and cookies.研究公司IHS展开的一项消费者调查找到,人们最想的智能家居设备必须需要找到家中的入侵者。



这款设备也叫作Canary,它需要在你离家时察觉到出现异常状况。随后你不会接到附带录像片段的警报,还可以自由选择处理方式。当你到家时,Canary也不会自动转变设置,以免在你晚上想想点牛奶和饼干时,被运动检测器找到并示警。Temperature Control: Nest Thermostat ($249)/Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat ($249)温度控制:Nest恒温器(249美元)/霍尼韦尔无线智能恒温器(249美元)Both of these thermostats let you control your homes temperature from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Furthermore, these two products automatically learn your temperature preferences based on your behavior and adjust your thermostat accordingly. We’re not going to take sides on the Honeywell vs. Google Nest debate. Nest fanatics rave about the ease of installation and minimalistic design, while Honeywell fans like the more nuanced control of Honeywells Smart Thermostat. Honeywell just introduced a new product, the Lyric ($279), which piggybacks off of Nest’s design, with the additional ability use your smartphone’s location to adjust the temperature as you come and go in real-time. However, users are saying it’s still riddled with bugs and to stick to the more useable (but clunkier) Honeywell Smart Thermostat.这两款恒温器都可以让你用智能手机掌控家里的温度,无论你在世界的哪个角落。

此外,这两款产品还不会根据你的不道德,自动得知你的温度偏爱,并适当地调整温度。在有关霍尼韦尔(Honeywell)或谷歌Nest(Google Nest)的论战中,我们会有所指责。


然而,用户回应它依然不存在许多漏洞,还是不愿之后用于更加简单(也更加轻巧)的老款霍尼韦尔智能恒温器。Hazard Detection: Nest Protect ($99)危害检测:Nest Protect(99美元)Nest Protect is a home fire alarm that will tell you if there’s smoke or CO in your house and where it’s coming from. You can get phone alerts whenever it goes off or when the battery needs to be changed. Better yet, the phone app lets you create an emergency plan ahead of time (because, be honest now, who among us has gotten around to creating an emergency plan?). In the event of an emergency the app will send you a customized list of useful tips. And for those who care about design, it has the sweet minimalism that’s characteristic of all of Nests products.Nest Protect是一款家用火灾报警器,如果房间里有烟雾或一氧化碳,它不会报警并告诉它们的源头。一旦经常出现这类出现异常状况,或是设备的电池必须替换,你的智能手机都会收到警告。更妙的是,手机应用于还可以让你预先原作紧急措施。

(因为,老实说道,我们当中有谁需要在应急情况下当机立断?)经常出现紧急状况后,该应用于不会给你放一份自定义的简单指南表格。Protect也享有所有Nest产品所共计的近于珍风格,可以符合那些侧重设计的顾客的市场需求。Sprinkler System: RainMachine ($249)灭火系统:RainMachine(249美元)This little guy is cuter than the surveillance robot EVE from the Pixar film Wall-E, but it detects water leaks and mold instead of vegetation. SNUPI Technologies’ Wally comes with sensors that you can place anywhere around your house to monitor temperature, moisture and humidity. The sensors send you an alert when they detect leaks. If they find anything outside of an acceptable range they also send you an alert so you can fix the problem before it causes major damage like frozen pipes or mold beneath the drywall.这个小东西比皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar)的电影《机器人总动员》(Wall-E)中的监控机器人EVE更为甜美,但它监控的不是植物,而是漏水和腐烂现象。SNUPI Technologies的Wally配有了很多感应器,你可以把它们放到房子周围的任何地方,用来监控温度、水分和湿度。

感应器一旦找到漏水情况,就不会对你收到警报。如果它们找到外界有任何情况远超过了合理范围,也不会向你报警,这样你就能在水管结冰或干板墙腐烂前防患于未然。Temperature Control: Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner ($279)温度控制:Aros智能窗式空调(279美元)For people who want smart cooling without central air, or who just want to switch over to cooling a single room to cut down on energy costs, the Aros window unit by Quirky and GE covers all your bases. Really! Not only does it track your routine and learn when you want to get your cool on, it also tracks your usage and suggests how to adjust the settings so you can save money. It can also automatically turn itself off when you leave and turn back on as you near home - based on your phones GPS - so it’s the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.对于那些没中央空调却想智能加热器,或是只想让一个房间显得凉爽以节省能耗的人来说,由Quirky和通用电气公司(GE)合力研发的Aros窗式空调能符合他们的所有市场需求。


Cooking: Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker ($129.99)烹调:Crock-Pot智能快炖锅(129.99美元)This slow cooker brought to you by The Crock-Pot and Belkin WeMo barely needs you. Just put the food in, set the temperature, and then monitor the cooking from anywhere in the world with your phone. You can change the crock pots settings remotely— to turn the heat up or add more cooking time. No matter where you are and when you get home, you can make sure dinner will be warm and waiting for you. It doesn’t let you tweet or check Google calendar like Samsung’s infamous smart fridge, but then who has the time for all that, when dinner is waiting?The Crock-Pot公司发售的这款快炖锅,配备了贝尔金公司(Belkin)的WeMo无线电源系统,完全不必须你展开掌控。你只必须把食物放进去,原作烹调温度,就可以利用你的手机在全球任何地方监控烹调过程了。你可以远程转变快炖锅的原作,比如提升温度或者减少烹调时间。




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