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本文摘要:Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.s investment into Chinas social media giant will likely be instrumental in one of its key ambitions: challenging the dominance of Google Inc.s (GOOG) Android operating system in Chinas fast-growing smartphone market.投资中国社交媒体巨头的要求有可能有助阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)构建其一个最重要目标:在中国快速增长的智能手机市场上,对谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的主导地位发动挑战。

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.s investment into Chinas social media giant will likely be instrumental in one of its key ambitions: challenging the dominance of Google Inc.s (GOOG) Android operating system in Chinas fast-growing smartphone market.投资中国社交媒体巨头的要求有可能有助阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)构建其一个最重要目标:在中国快速增长的智能手机市场上,对谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的主导地位发动挑战。Known primarily for its e-commerce heft in China, Alibaba is redesigning its business for the mobile Internet era by stepping up investment in its own smartphone operating system. Its $586 million investment in Sina Corp.s (SINA) Twitter-like Weibo microblog business on Monday followed an earlier move this month to promote its mobile platform.阿里巴巴集团在中国主要以其电商业务而著称。通过增大对它自己的智能手机操作系统的投资力度,该公司正在为适应环境移动互联网时代的来临新的调整业务。阿里巴巴集团周一向新浪公司(Sina Corp.)与推特(Twitter)类似于的微博业务投资了5.86亿美元,此前,阿里巴巴集团上个月对其自己的手机操作者平台展开了宣传推展。


If you are a big Internet company and you are ambitious enough in the mobile space, you have to do more than apps, Alibaba Chief Strategy Officer Zeng Ming said in a recent interview. Otherwise, you are just a small species in an ecosystem controlled by others.阿里巴巴集团的首席战略宽曾兜最近拒绝接受专访时说,如果你是一家大型互联网公司,在移动领域有充足的志向,你就无法仅限于做到应用程序;否则的话,你只是一个由他人掌控的生态系统中的一个小物种。A tighter grip over Sina Weibo, which has 46.2 million daily active users, could enable Alibaba, whose Taobao shopping site has more than 500 million registered users, to have access to vast swaths of data. And having control over the operating system is the best way to gain access to all the mobile-based data, Mr. Zeng said.新浪微博享有4,620万每日活跃用户。


曾鸣说道,对手机操作系统展开掌控是取得所有与手机有关的数据的最佳方式。Data on mobile phones are so valuable, he said. In one way or the other, you can make some money out of it, even though Alibaba is still working on specific ways to do so, he said.他说道,手机上的数据十分有价值。你可以通过某种方式利用这些数据赚,不过阿里巴巴目前仍在找寻明确的方式。

While Alibaba makes money through advertisement and service fees, how to monetize data accumulated through its online services--be it on PCs or mobile--has been a challenge.尽管阿里巴巴集团可以通过缴纳广告费和服务费盈利,但如何利用通过网络服务提供的数据(还包括个人电脑和手机中的数据)来赚,仍然是阿里巴巴集团面对的一个挑战。The fledgling Alibaba Mobile OS, or AMOS, faces an uphill battle against Android, which, according to research firm IDC, powered more than 80% of all smartphones shipped in China last year. Apples iOS held around 10%. Alibaba is aiming for a 10% share, even though its current market share is less than 1%, Mr. Zeng said.初出茅庐的阿里巴巴集团的手机操作系统面对着与安卓操作系统的艰苦竞争,根据研究公司IDC的数据,中国去年销售的智能手机中,有多达80%配备的是安卓系统。

中国只有大约10%的手机用于苹果(Apple Inc.)的iOS操作系统。曾鸣说道,阿里巴巴的目标是让自己的手机操作系统占有10%的市场份额,但它目前的市场份额还将近1%。Alibabas OS has become a source of controversy. In September, Google objected to Acer Inc.s (ACEIY, 2353.TW) plan to sell a smartphone powered by Alibabas OS. As Acer is part of the Google-led Open Handset Alliance, the U.S. firm said that the Taiwanese computer maker couldnt work with a noncompatible version of Android. Alibaba rejected the view that its OS was an Android fork, but the Acer phone was never released.阿里巴巴的操作系统早已沦为争议之源。


去年9月,谷歌赞成台积电股份有限公司(Acer Inc.)计划销售一款配备阿里巴巴操作系统的智能手机。谷歌说道,由于台积电是谷歌主导的“对外开放手机联盟”(Open Handset Alliance)的一员,因此它无法销售配备与安卓不互为相容的操作系统的智能手机。阿里巴巴坚称其操作系统是安卓的变体,但上述台积电手机未曾公布。If quite a few handset companies decide to choose Alibabas OS, Google will have to be careful in how far they want to push it, even if the handset makers belong to the Open Handset Alliance, said Mr. Zeng. Google declined to comment.曾鸣说道,如果不少手机厂商要求自由选择阿里巴巴的操作系统,那么谷歌就得小心了,它被迫考虑到为了抨击阿里巴巴不愿回头多近,哪怕此过程牵涉到的手机厂商是“对外开放手机联盟”的一员。

谷歌回应不予置评。Alibaba, founded in 1999, initially became known for its Alibaba.com business-to-business site connecting Chinese suppliers with buyers, but it has since expanded with websites for consumers. Taobao is an eBay-like marketplace for small merchants, while Tmall hosts online storefronts for retailers including brands such as Gap Inc. (GPS).阿里巴巴正式成立于1999年,最初是因为旗下企业对企业(B2B)网站Alibaba.com有名,该网站将中国的供应商和采购商联系在一起。但此后阿里巴巴的业务之后不断扩大,发售了数个企业对顾客(B2C)网站。

其中的淘宝类似于eBay,它为小商户获取了一个交易市场。而天猫则为还包括Gap Inc.在内的品牌零售商获取网上店面。

Weibo could bring a boost to Alibabas mobile-based businesses, said Canalys analyst Rachel Lashford. The key is how closely they can work together in sharing customer bases and making each others platforms more attractive, she said. The deeper the cooperation, the bigger the benefits.研究机构Canalys的分析师拉什福特(Rachel Lashford)说道,微博有可能提振阿里巴巴的移动业务。她说道关键在于二者在共享客户基础、提高彼此平台的吸引力等方面需要在多大程度上展开密切合作。


合作的层次更深,合作的收益越大。Earlier this month, Alibaba announced new steps to promote its OS, through subsidies to handset makers and a one-billion-yuan ($162.1 million) funding program for app developers. The company is also working with telecommunications operators to make it possible for consumers to buy AMOS-based smartphones without paying deposits or down payments, depending on creditworthiness based on their activities on its e-commerce sites.本月早些时候,阿里巴巴宣告了新的措施以推展其操作系统:向手机制造商获取补贴,并为应用程序开发人员获取一个人民币10亿元(约合1.621亿美元)的资助计划。该公司还与电信运营商进行合作,谋求让用户需要预存话费或缴纳首付款就能获得基于阿里巴巴操作系统的智能手机。

用户能否享用这项政策将主要各不相同他们在阿里巴巴旗下电子商务网站的信誉。One factor that could work in Alibabas favor: In China, Google faces challenges due to Beijings restrictions, despite growth in some of its online advertising services. The company has pulled out its search service out of mainland China disagreements over censorship. In China, many Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps arent available on Android-based devices, and Chinese users, without access to the Google Play app store, get apps from other local stores. In March, a Chinese government research institute accused Google of using Androids dominance to discriminate against local companies. Google declined to comment on the accusation.一个有可能不利于阿里巴巴的因素是:在中国,尽管谷歌的部分网络广告业务构建了快速增长,但由于北京的容许,它面对种种挑战。由于在搜寻结果审查一事上同中国政府不存在分歧,谷歌将搜寻业务撤离中国内地。在中国,还包括电子邮件服务Gmail和谷歌地图(Google Maps)在内的许多谷歌服务无法在安卓设备上用于。

由于无法登岸Google Play应用程序商店,中国用户不能从其它本地应用程序商店iTunes应用程序。今年3月,中国政府一家研究机构谴责谷歌利用安卓的主导优势种族歧视本地企业。谷歌拒绝接受对这一指控公开发表评论。

Given the restrictions on Androids services in China, Alibaba could make its OS more competitive by seamlessly integrating Weibos service and also taking advantage of its Alipay affiliates expertise in mobile payment, said Ms. Lashford.拉什福特说道,鉴于安卓服务在中国面对的种种容许,阿里巴巴可以通过无缝构建新浪微博的服务并利用旗下支付宝在移动支付领域的专业经验来提高其操作系统的竞争力。You have to compete differently in the mobile space, rather than simply leveraging your strength in the PC-based market, Mr. Zeng said.曾鸣说道,在移动领域你必需采行有所不同的竞争策略,而某种程度是利用你在基于个人电脑的市场上的优势。



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