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十分快三_Galaxy Gear 极客智能手表

本文摘要:Watches often have special value to people, for sentimental reasons or practical interests. With a watch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear -- somewhat utilitarian and probably only perceived as fashionable at a tech convention -- I found it was hard to get attached to it.由于感情上的原因或是实际的用处,手表对人们经常具备类似的价值。

Watches often have special value to people, for sentimental reasons or practical interests. With a watch like the Samsung Galaxy Gear -- somewhat utilitarian and probably only perceived as fashionable at a tech convention -- I found it was hard to get attached to it.由于感情上的原因或是实际的用处,手表对人们经常具备类似的价值。对于像三星Galaxy Gear这样一款手表,我找到很难讨厌上它。

这款手表带有实用主义风格,也许只有在科技大会上才不会被指出是时尚产品。Ive been testing the Gear, a new smart watch that connects via Bluetooth to a Samsung mobile device and shows you notifications. It showed me calendar reminders and text messages, and told me when I had new email. And since the Gear has a microphone and speaker, you can even make phone calls through the watch (technically, the call is happening through your smartphone). Its certainly an improvement over the Sony SmartWatch I reviewed a year and a half ago.我仍然在对Gear展开测试,这款新的“智能”手表可以通过蓝牙与三星移动设备相连,表明各类通报。它可以表明日历警告和短信,通报我接到新邮件。


Gear有一个麦克风和扩音器,你甚至可以通过这只手表打电话(理论上谈,通话是通过你的智能手机展开的)。比起一年半前我项目管理的索尼SmartWatch,这款手表似乎有变革。But it has some serious drawbacks. For one, it costs $300, and that doesnt include the pricey smartphone youll need to tote along with it. Also, it only works with Samsung smartphones, like the Note 3, which I tested it with.但它也有一些相当严重缺失。

首先,它的价格是300美元,这还不还包括必须与这款手表一起装载的便宜智能手机。此外,它不能与Note 3等三星智能手机相连,我测试这款手表时用于的就是Note 3。Having to charge a wristwatch once a day or every other day might not thrill some people. Lastly, there are some limitations to what this watch will actually show on its display.每天或间隔一天必须给手表电池,这有可能也让一些人提不起胃口。

最后,这款手表屏幕上表明的内容是有一些局限性的。Ill be superficial and talk appearances first. Theres no way around it: The Galaxy Gear looks like a geek watch. It has a textured rubber band, a thick, adjustable metal clasp and visible screws around the face of the watch. The 1.6-inch touch screen is pretty sleek-looking. There is a lone button on the right-hand side of the watch that takes you back to the home screen, which displays the time and date.首先谈谈外观。有一点是不了解决问题的:Galaxy Gear看上去看起来一款极客手表。它有一个带上文理的橡胶表带,一个厚实、可调节的金属表格带扣,仪表盘周围还可以看见螺丝。

1.6英寸的触屏看上去十分平滑。手表的右侧只有一个按钮,按这个按钮可以返回主屏幕,主屏幕显示时间和日期。Possibly the geekiest part is the round eye of a camera on the band. This is, presumably, so you can talk to fellow spies through the watch and then stealthily take photos of an unsuspecting subject.也许最“极客”的是表格拿着摄像头的圆眼睛。

这毕竟是为了让你需要通过手表与间谍同事通话,然后偷窥丝毫并未察觉到的目标。How the Gear fits will depend on the size of your wrist. I was a tweener -- one setting was too tight and the next was a little bit loose. It weighs 2.6 ounces and comes with four gigabytes of internal storage.Gear戴起来否适合,这要各不相同你手腕的笔画。

我就去找将近适合的扣眼──有一个扣眼扣着太紧,另一个扣着又有些泊。这款手表重2.6盎司,内部存储空间为4G。The Gear watch comes with a charging cradle, a small, square-shaped plastic nest. But this charging cradle serves another purpose: Its part of the Gear setup. I had to tap the Note 3 against the back of the cradle to install the Galaxy Gear manager app on the smartphone. This app is where I would manage all of the Gear settings and apps.Gear有一个电池座,这是一个方形小塑料座。

但这个电池座还有另外一个用处:它是Gear设置的一部分。我必需拿着Note 3 冲着电池座的背面敲打,才能把Galaxy Gear管理应用于加装到智能手机上。这个应用于可以管理所有的Gear设置和应用于。

The next step of the setup involved wirelessly connecting the watch, via Bluetooth, to the smartphone. This was pretty straightforward.设置过程的下一步是将手表通过蓝牙与智能手机无线连接。这个很非常简单。However, whenever I wandered more than 30 feet or so away from the Note 3, the Gear watch on my wrist would disconnect from the smartphone. I could still see the time on the watch, but some apps wouldnt work without a connection to the smartphone.但我只要离开了Note 3,走进约30英尺,我戴着在手腕上的Gear手表就不会与智能手机断开连接。

我仍能看见手表上的时间,但与智能手机断开连接后,一些应用于就无法用了。Setting up those apps can be confusing. The watch comes with a few preinstalled, like the pedometer and a weather app. And there are Android-based apps on the smartphone, like Gmail, that you can opt in for notifications on the watch.设置这些应用于也令人晕头转向。手表上有一些笔记本电脑的应用于,如计步器和一个天气应用于。智能手机上有一些基于安卓系统的应用于如Gmail,你可以自由选择在手表上表明这些应用于的涉及通报。

Then there are other Samsung-branded apps -- like S Health, Samsungs proprietary fitness-tracking app, which I used with the watchs pedometer -- that require a Samsung login and password.除此而外还有其他三星品牌的应用于,诸如三星拥有专利的健康状况追踪应用于S Health,我将其与手表的计步器一起用于,这些应用于必须以三星的账户名和密码指定。Finally, there are Gear-specific apps, such as FB Quickview and Tweet Quickview, that arent the real Facebook and Twitter apps, but allow you to get social-network notifications on the watch.另外还有专门用作Gear的应用于,如FB Quickview和Tweet Quickview,它们并非“确实的”Facebook和推特应用于,但可以通过它们在手表上接到社交网络的通报消息。

Swiping through the watch felt somewhat intuitive. From the home screen, swiping from side to side will take you through the key apps of the watch. Once youre in an app, swiping down will bring you back to the previous screen.在手表上的触屏操作者感觉较为直观。在主屏幕上左右滑动就可以网页手表的主要应用于。转入应用于界面后,向上滑动就可以返回前一个界面。On some occasions, I found the Gear watch useful. I was out bike riding when a Google Calendar appointment popped up on the screen, reminding me I needed to be home in 10 minutes to accept a scheduled package delivery. If the watch buzzed or beeped while I was driving, I could look down and see I had new messages. I couldnt read Gmail content on the watch; the watch told me to read it on my mobile device.在一些情况下,我找到Gear手表很简单。


我有一次在外面骑马自行车时,屏幕上跑出了谷歌日历(Google Calendar)的约会警告,让我回想我得在10分钟内回家缴一份事前誓约的包覆。我驾车的时候如果手表震动或哔哔作响,我一低头就能看见有新的消息。在手表上无法读者Gmail的内容;手表让我在移动设备上查阅。I also couldnt see pictures friends sent me via text message. And when I tried responding using S Voice, Samsungs voice-recognition app, it was super-slow to recognize my commands.朋友们通过短信发送给我的图片也无法在手表上查阅。

当我试图用三星的语音辨识软件S Voice恢复时,手表辨识我的命令极为较慢。Taking photos with the watch was admittedly fun. You access the camera by swiping down from the home screen and snap a photo with a quick tap on the screen. But you cant share these from the watch. You have to send them to the smartphone first.用手表照片显然很有意思。


你必需再行将照片零担智能手机上。Its almost impossible to talk about a smartwatch as a two-way communicator without mentioning Dick Tracy, but the Gear is just that. I called my boss and he said the call quality was good on his end, too. I called my mom and told her I was calling her from a watch and she laughed.说道到作为双向通讯工具的智能手表就决不提及《王者神探》(Dick Tracy),但Gear显然就是像那样的。

我打电话给我的老板,他说道他那头的通话质量也很好。我给我母亲打电话,跟她说道我是用一只手表给她打的,她笑一起。The call quality was good because youre basically using the watch as a Bluetooth speaker. You can dial a number or call up a contact from the watch as long as the smartphone is nearby.通话质量不俗的原因是你只不过是将手表当成蓝牙话筒用于。如果离智能手机不远处,就可以通过手表电话号码或调用联系人。

Samsung says the battery life of the Gear watch should be about the same as your average smartphone. In my experience, it lasted close to two days.三星说道,Gear手表的电池续航时间差不多与普通的智能手机一样。在我试用时,手表的续航时间相似两天。

And when I put it in its cradle to rest and recharge, I didnt exactly miss it.而当我将它放在底座上电池时,也并不缅怀它。



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