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本文摘要:Yahoo wants to make better products for you, so its going to try zooming in.雅虎想为你们获取更佳的产品,所以它即将尝试之后前进。

Yahoo wants to make better products for you, so its going to try zooming in.雅虎想为你们获取更佳的产品,所以它即将尝试之后前进。The Internet pioneer has many popular services. Theres Yahoo Mail for email, Yahoo Screen for videos, Yahoo Sports for scores and athletics news, and Yahoo Search for, well, searching the Web.作为互联网先锋,它享有很多时下风行的服务,还包括雅虎邮件,雅虎屏幕视屏,针对比数和运动员新闻的雅虎体育还有雅虎搜索器。When you take a look at Yahoos overall line of products, however, you realize its kind of a buffet. Its got a little bit of everything but no main dish.当你敲眼见一下雅虎所有的产品线,很失望,你不会找到它更加像点心,什么都有,但是没重点。


The Sunnyvale, California, company has decided that narrowing in can provide a fix. Chief Executive Marissa Mayer said Tuesday that Yahoo will soon reveal a plan to make sure the company is more focused in the future. Finance chief Ken Goldman said Yahoo will look at which products are strong winners for the company and disinvest in others. The company said it will reveal more within three months.坐落于加州森尼维尔市的公司要求增大产品线,这或许可以让它有所注重。首席,执行官Marissa Maye在周四称之为,雅虎不就就不会公布一份计划,这不会使得公司更为“专心”于未来。财务负责人Ken Goldman说道雅虎将不会辨别哪种产品对公司来说最有优势,并且撤消对其他产品的投资。公司称之为,将在三个月内发布更加多讯息。


We ultimately need to work to improve our relevance to end users and how many times they come to us, Mayer said during a conference call Tuesday. So we think its important going into 2016 to get very focused.Mayer在周二的一次电话会议上说道,“显然上谈,我们必须努力提高我们和终端客户的联系以及他们对系统我们的次数。所以我们指出2016年注目这方面很最重要”。The new plan is part of Mayers attempt to make Yahoo a premier Internet destination again. Once one of the most powerful Internet companies in the world, it has been overshadowed by rivals. Googles Gmail has become the de facto email service on the Web; Netflix is the leading video-streaming service; ESPN is one of the best-known sports brands in the world; and google, as a verb, is synonymous with search. Meanwhile, Yahoos pet projects, such as buying cult-favorite sitcom Community and two other shows, ended up erasing $42 million from the companys accounts.这一尝试是Mayer企图把雅虎再度变成第一的互联网终端计划的一部分。

过去,它是世界上最强有力的互联网公司之一,但是如今早已在竞争中黯然失色。谷歌的Gmail早已沦为名副其实的网页邮件服务系统;Netflix是领先的视频流媒体服务;ESPN是世界闻名的体育品牌致意;就和它动词的含义一样,谷歌也是搜索器。与此同时,雅虎的子项目,比如出售情景喜剧和其他两个电视节目,使得公司账户里较少了420万美金。Yahoos recommitment to focus isnt without precedent. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was famous for bringing the Mac maker back to prominence through unrelenting pinpoint vision. Google has moved in this direction, too. Earlier this month, it reorganized itself under a holding company named Alphabet, filled with smaller, more nimble -- that is, focused -- companies. Yahoos new plan is all but an admission that its wide-ranging catalog has become unwieldy and that it needs a classic reset.雅虎的注目并非史无前例。




Still, as Yahoos plan takes shape, it may not go over so well with some of its users. In a search for more sustainable profits, it may cut popular products that dont make enough money, said Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw Research.同时,一旦雅虎的计划成型,这有可能对很多用户产生冲突。研究所首席分析师Jan Dawson说道,它可能会砍很多不怎么赚的风行产品以谋求更好的可持续利润。Its quite possible some of the things they cut will be surprising, from a user perspective, he said.他说道,“从用户角度谈,很有可能它砍的一些产品不会让人很惊讶”。



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