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本文摘要:On Microsoft’s quarterly earnings conference call yesterday, the company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said the word “one” nine times in his prepared remarks.日前,在微软公司(Microsoft)的季度收益电话会议上,公司首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德纳讲话中9次提及了“一”这个字。


On Microsoft’s quarterly earnings conference call yesterday, the company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella, said the word “one” nine times in his prepared remarks.日前,在微软公司(Microsoft)的季度收益电话会议上,公司首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德纳讲话中9次提及了“一”这个字。“Cloud”? Nineteen, if you can believe it, not including product names. “Microsoft”? Just three times. “Innovation”? Two. (Bless his heart.)另外,你也许难以相信,纳德拉19次提及“云”,这还是除去提及云产品名称的时候。相比之下,他仅有三次提及微软公司”,两次提及“创意”。(上帝保佑。

)Nadella, who took Microsoft’s top post in February, has been trying mightily to set a single course for his sprawling technology company . In July, he issued a memo to more than 128,000 employees outlining his vision; a week later, he issued another explaining why he decided to cut 18,000 of them. In between, he dropped by Fortune‘s Brainstorm Tech conference, where he reiterated that cultural change was necessary to revitalize the company—a more elegant way of repeating the well-worn maxim that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.纳德拉于今年2月就职微软公司掌门人,从那时起,他仍然希望企图为这家醉心很广的科技公司原作一条路线。7月,纳德纳给公司128,000多名员工放了一份备忘录,阐述自己的愿景;一周后,他又放了一份备忘录,说明为何要求裁掉18,000名员工。在这期间,纳德纳参与了《财富》科技头脑风暴技术大会(Brainstorm Tech conference),并在会上申明,要大力发展微软公司,必需变革公司文化。这是用较为文雅的方式阐释一条老生常谈的格言,即:墨守成规,一遍遍做某种程度的事情,希望借以取得不一样的结果,意味著是痴人说梦。

Nadella is certainly moving swiftly. In his remarks yesterday, he revealed that the next version of Microsoft’s Windows, still a cash cow for the company but in recent years more of an embarrassment, would meld “three operating systems into one,” a single piece of software “for screens of all sizes.” (For those keeping track at home, that would be Windows, Windows Phone, and the system software for the Xbox gaming console.) Microsoft’s developers should spend their time working on a single application or service that works across devices, Nadella seemed to say, rather than versioning each of them out for different environments.纳德纳的行动非常很快。在季度收益电话会议上,他透漏下一版Windows将把“三个操作系统合为一体”,将“限于所有尺寸的屏幕”。

Windows仍是微软公司的摇钱树,但近年来也更加令其该公司失望。(这三个操作系统是指Windows、Windows Phone以及Xbox游戏机的系统软件。)纳德纳或许是说道,微软公司的开发人员应该致力于研发一款能应用于多类设备的应用程序或服务,而不是针对有所不同环境研发有所不同的应用程序或服务。This makes sense. The convergence of operating systems has been underway for some time, and many Microsoft customers may not realize that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, each formally released in 2012, share the same underlying core architecture. (This was not the case for previous versions.) That leaves the Xbox gaming console, Microsoft’s anchor in the living room, which runs three different operating systems of its own: one to boot the device and create virtual machines, another to run games, another to run applications. It’s the third in this series that shares underlying architecture with Windows and Windows Phone, and the one on which Nadella is placing his bets.这合乎情理。

操作系统的融合早已展开了一段时间,许多微软公司用户有可能没有意识到,2012年月公布的Windows8以及Windows Phone8具有完全相同的基础核心架构。(之前的版本可不是这样。

)这样一来,就只只剩微软公司发售的客厅设备——Xbox游戏机。Xbox本身有三个有所不同的操作系统:一个用作启动设备、创立虚拟机;另一个用作运营游戏;最后一个用作运营应用程序。最后一个操作系统的基础架构与Windows和Windows Phone完全一致,纳德纳庄家的正是这个操作系统。

Anyone who has worked at a large company knows that platforming and standardization are two tools that executives love to trot out; anything less reeks of inefficiency. In a connected, multi-device world, it’s nothing short of imperative. Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to reunite its disparate parts—which began, arguably too late, under former CEO Steve Ballmer—have finally begun to be seen in a monetary light as the company loses traction with developers, the economic engines of the Connected Age.任何曾在大公司供职的人都告诉,平台简化和标准化是高管们最广为人知的两个法宝;其它解决方案都有陈旧之斥。在互联互通的多设备时代,这堪称是当务之急。

微软公司从前任首席执行官史蒂夫o鲍尔默时期开始,希望统一操作系统,其跟上就早已太晚。如今,这个问题的财务影响再一被认识到:微软公司对开发者慢慢丧失吸引力,而开发者正是网络时代的经济引擎。So far, Nadella has framed his tenure as one that will be marked by clarity, drive, and efficiency rather than entrepreneurialism or revolution. “We will be relentless in our focus,” he said at one point during the call. He’d go on to repeat the “f” word eight more times.就纳德纳离任以来的展现出看,他任期的特点将是明晰、推展和效率,而非企业家精神或革命。




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